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Let Go

This song is by Liberty X and appears on the album Being Somebody (2003).

I got nothin' to hide
I'm an open book so you can read me
Yes I'm the type
Every word I say you can believe me
I'll be your friend I'll give you compliments
Until the very end if that will please you
(If that will please you)

I'm the darker side
I can make you scream honey believe me
I can blow your mind
So much tension needed to relieve me
Don't be afraid, no need to run away
It's jus a silly game the rules are easy
Don't play pretend, no
Jus tell me when, oh

Gotta look inside yourself for me then you'll see
You're trying to hide yourself so let go
Don't have to be how they want ya
Got a personality don't ya
You won't be free till you let go

Guess I'm kinda shy
I don't like too much attention
Won't look you in the eye
I can't handle rejection
I'm always on the fence, I got no confidence
Please be nice to me don't tease me
(Please don't tease me)

I guess I'm kinda fly
I like being the main attraction
Don't even have to try to get me a piece of the action
I know the game and people know my name
I'm always in the frame, it's hard to please me
And 'cause of what I earn, oh
I got money to burn, oh

You wanna be free now don't ya
You wanna be free
Repeat x 4

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