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He Sang In His Bath Before He Died

This song is by Liars Dance and appears…

He Sang In His Bath Before He Died

Neighbor John is really sad, because his fucking stinky dog is dead!
His shitty cur run through my yard and buried bones in the ground.
And now there is no time to care no barking, howling, silence everywhere,
Because his rotting bones rest side by side with those he used to hide.

Ah, John is sad.
Oh, his dog is dead.

Neighbor D. had to be free, but it's so hard with a face built of cheese.
Every Night he used to sing his boring songs next door in his bath.
Then one day he slipped across that room and hit his head against the wall.
And I remember every morn' into my breakfast cheese his dumb-smile face.

Ah, John is sad.
Oh, friend D. is dead.

Neighbor Doe, nobody's friend, a pale appearance with oily short-cutted hair.
He always talked 'bout useless things and no one cared about the things he said.
Yesterday 'cross the red-light street, Delilah sneered 'the sharp marble guy is here'.
Casually a few times ago I saw him dropping downward outside, bye, bye.

Ah, John is sad.
Oh, John Doe. is dead.

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