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Genitals Beat Intellect

This song is by Liars Dance and appears on the album Mystery Tales (1996).

Genitals Beat Intellect (explicit)

Look at it my child and tell me what do you think of it.
People always talk in riddles, you know, what I mean.
Though I think it's high time that we start with it ourselves.
Even tough they tell me that I'm much to green for things like that.

I just don't understand that this can be so awful hard, I know:
'In and out and up and down and always slowly 'round in circles'.
Really I just can't seem to see the problems as they are.
But always be on guard cause there are some dangers there.

Still a lot of people are helplessly lost under the spell of misty things.
Black and blond, blond and black is all just fine for me.
Even though in most of all those cases it's too dark to see.
And anyway I dig those really great and gorgeous sweet delicious tits.

Oh, never loose me Baby,
You have to give me all your inspirations.
Oh, I need it, you make me crazy,
How long you stay there with you Imagination.

And now to end this story, I get into my air conditioned car.
There are people who dig that breeze and say: 'Man if you haven't got a girl'.
But man I say, that I haven't found a recipe for this change,
'Cause then one day you'll wind up with a brunette and and all your dreams are gone.

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