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Come With Me Over The Mountain, A Smile In The Dark

This song is by Liam O'Flynn and appears on the album The Given Note (1995).

One night as the moon did illumine the sky'
I first took a notion to marry
I put on me hat and away I did fly
You'd have thought I'd have been in a hurry
When I can to the place where I often had been
Me heart gave a leap when my darlin' I seen
I lifted the latch and I bade her Good E'en
Will you come with me over the mountain?

What notion is this that's got into your head
You'll make me afraid to be near you
It's twelve o'clock and they're all in bed
Speak low or me mammy will hear you.
I'm using no magic, casting no spell
I'm an honest young man and I love you right well
And if you'll not have me, dear girl, farewell
I'll go back alone o'er the mountain.

If I were to make an elopement with you
I might put myself in great danger
The country would tittle and censor me too
My parents would frown and no wonder.
Let them all tittle and censor away
Consult with yourself for it's growing near day
What do we care what the country might say?
Come with me over the mountain.

She looked at me hard, she looked at me long
She trembled a little uneasy
Then wiping a tear that appeared in her eye
She said to me -- Darling, I'm ready.
Give me a moment till I get me shoes
Me heart gave a lep when I heard the glad news
I lifted the latch saying I hope you'll excuse
Me simplicity over the mountain.

By this time the moon had gone down in the west
And the morning star brightly was shining
We both made the journey in greatest of haste
And we were wed at the altar of hymen.
In peace and contentment we spend our days
The anger of parents was soon blown away
Often we smile when we've little to say
On the trip we took over the mountain

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