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Gravel Camp Blues

This song is by Lewis Black and appears on the compilation Country Blues Collector's Items (1924-1928) (1994).

Goin' out on the Q
Said I'm goin' away tomorrow, mama, goin' out on the Q
And if I find anything, comin' back after you

Goin' out on the CB&Q
I said, hmmmmmm, goin' out on the CB&Q
If I find anything, gal, comin' back after you

It's soon one mornin', I heard a pant'er squall
I said, it's soon one mornin', I heard a pant'er squall
Tell you, mama caught the local, you catch the Cannonball

. . . , I caught on behind
Said, my mama caught the local, I caught on behind
Said, now you can't leave me, 't'ain't no need of cryin'

Ain't gon' be here long
Pretty mama, ain't gon' be here long

You . . . and you treated me wrong

When I leave from here, goin' out on the O
I don't find no log camp, I find a gravel camp, sho

What's the matter here?
What's the matter here?
'T'ain't nothin' goin' on wrong but, mama, I don't care

Don't need you nohow
When I had you, black gal, didn't have nobody nohow



December 10, 1927; Memphis, TN

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