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​You And I Are One

This song is by Level 7 and appears on the album You And I Are One (2005).

Making choices, fearful decisions
That may change our lives
Mysterious future, numerous consequences
Oh yes, we're both afraid

You and I have our separate roads
Growing up, it just seems so tough
You and I are now grown ups

Saying goodbyes, never an easy time
We'll treasure every little tear
Releasing each other, final pictures
Our hearts torn from within

Together we're still one
One in the bond of Jesus
Together we'll be one
If faithful to Him, the Lord we trust
You'll move to your next phase
As I run my own race
Together, we're known as one
United in Him, this bond of love

When we meet again, hope you'll tell me that
I'd been in your prayers
Remember what you've done,
How you walked with God
We'll have our endless talks

There may be sorrows and shameful scares
But we'll praise God with what we've got
You and I are one

Music by:

Joyce Tam

Lyrics by:

Joyce Tam