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This song is by Level 7 and appears on the album 4+3 (2004).

Let it Rain
Let it Pour
Pour down, my heart
Pour down, my heart, the pain~
Let me breathe
Let me soar
Fly high the sky,
And maybe wings, they will fly,

(Eins, svai, drei the teardrops fall, fall down my heart like
Torrents war, I never knew when; when to look back, back to
The time, when we were pack- you never took me real what
I could feel, you never really knew when my heart was
Reeled, but the time is here for you and I, the time is here
For it to die)

Passions faded, we've been jaded
Like somebody that don't belong
Dreaded faces, hated races, till one day that we don't care


  • Composer: Jon Tam
  • Lyricist: Jon Tam
  • Arranged by: Level 7