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This song is by Level 7 and appears on the album Magnificence (2007).

If you follow, you gotta follow very hard
When you follow, you will bear a Jesus mark
If you follow, you might missed what you depart
But 'cause you follow, new life's guaranteed to start

First, strip your ragged clothes and throw it out
Then in the water, for a good ol' soap and scrub
Don't complain 'bout drowning in this tub
'Cause this ain't nothing like the other stuff
Now for your scales, we gotta pluck it out
One by one by one by one... oh please don't shout
Your snaky words reflect the mind within
So watch what kind of food you take in

Now, this dusty black book might be old
But it's very very good for your heart to hold
An armor's weight might be a load to lift
But soldier, soldier you ain't no stiff
Finally, we'll put our blood on this cross
We'll follow Christ all across
Pleasure might seem a little lost
But we've chose a life to live for greater cost


  • Composer: Jon Tam
  • Lyricist: Joyce Tam
  • Arrangement: Jon Tam, Kelvin Yip
  • Piano Solo: Kelvin Yip