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White America's Beautiful Black Market

This song is by letlive. and appears on the album The Blackest Beautiful (2013).

Well if it's worth a thing then it's American
But it ain't that then I don't really want to see it
We'll let the dreamers dream if it's American themed
But if it ain't that then don't believe a word they say
That bootstrap theory doesn't fit on all of those feet
Much like glutton
Starving pigs
My mind is certain they'll take all they can get
So push their buttons
Hit reset
We're finally deserving what we get
I said "fuck birth and death"
The hospital to the funeral
The debts lie on child and the deceased
The say "get sick. then feel better"
Be sure that they will never cure you
You're worth so much more diseased
It's just like cutting off your nose just to spite your face
It's just like ripping out your tongue to get rid of the taste of success
We get sick so we can feel better
They keep us sick
I want to feel better
We get sick so we can feel better
With government sucking the dicks of corporations
It looks like Uncle Sam finally put his money where his mouth is.

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