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In the Court of the Wrestling Let's (2009)Edit

Let's Wrestle - In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's
In the Court of the Wrestling Let's
  1. My Arms Don't Bend That Way, Damn It!
  2. I'm in Love with Destruction
  3. Tanks
  4. My Eyes Are Bleeding (Interlude)
  5. My Schedule
  6. We Are the Men You'll Grow to Love Soon
  7. In Dreams
  8. Atlantis (Interlude)
  9. Song for Old People
  10. I Won't Lie to You
  11. Diana's Hair
  12. I'm in Fighting Mode
  13. Insects
  14. It's Not Going to Happen
  15. Waltz (Interlude)
  16. In the Court of Wrestling Let's
Bonus track on Amazon release
  1. I'm OK If You're OK
Bonus track on iTunes release
  1. Let's Wrestle

Nursing Home (2011)Edit

Let's Wrestle - Nursing Home
Nursing Home
  1. In Dreams, Part II
  2. If I Keep On Loving You
  3. In the Suburbs
  4. Bad Mammaries
  5. Dear John
  6. For My Mother
  7. I'm So Lazy
  8. There's a Rockstar in My Room
  9. I Forgot
  10. I Am Useful
  11. I Will Not Give In
  12. Getting Rest

Additional information

Band members:
  • Darkus Bishop - drums
  • Wesley Patrick Gonzalez - vocals, guitar
  • Sam Pillay - bass
Former members:
  • Mike Lightning - bass
Record labels:

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