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Same Old Game

This song is by Leslie Fish and appears on the album Not Canned Or Frozen (1996).

So why shouldn't I beat my slave? I bought him fair and square
He's just some foreigner from the next town and they're not real people there
Besides I've suffered a lousy day
And it's only right someone else should pay
Besides he's sulky and he runs away
And he won't mind me

It's the same old game, just a different name
You can play it in the stars or in the mud
For power corrupts and it fills its cups
From the first to the last with innocent blood

Why not persecute Protestants? They defy the church and God
The bible tells us for malcontents it's wrong to spare the rod
To heretics no quarter give
Nor suffer witches or Jews to live
I see no fitting alternative
Since they won't mind me

Hey, why shouldn't I stomp on blacks? They ain't like you and me
All they're good for is serving whites. Should never have been set free
Everyone knows they steal and lie.
Can't read or write or else just get by
And they get to uppity when they try
And they won't mind me

Why not slap my woman around? She needs it now and then
She always nags that I treat her wrong and she looks at other men
When I come home from a long hard day
I want my dinner not all her say
She's always tryin' to get her way
And she won't mind me

So why shouldn't I smack my kid? Ain't he my flesh and blood
His clothes are awful. His music's worse. His taste in friends is crud
He goes to parties whenever he can
Where kids do things that we ought to ban
He outta listen to his old man
But he won't mind me

Hey, why shouldn't we stomp ET's? They got so damn much gall
They got no science or industry but they won't trade with us at all
Their planets rich in all kinds of ore
But they won't let us dig any more
Ungrateful primitives furthermore
They won't mind me

With blood
With endless seas of innocent blood

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