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Chickasaw Mountain

This song is by Leslie Fish and appears on the album Chickasaw Mountain (1991).

High up on the mountain of Chickasaw they say
There's one patch of darkness that never yields to day
Deep are those shadows old as the mountain
Something is waiting in there
Call on her if you dare
Seek no level
Of god or devil
She's something older by far
Call her lady of the morning star

She offers two bargains, the price is steep and dark
One takes your life and the other leaves a mark
If there's a third one I've never heard one
Choose for yourself what's to be
Nothing she gives comes free
Name your goal
She won't ask your soul
She might even give you her own
And maybe you'd be better off alone

My old fellow rebel, I know what deal he made
The power rang through every song he wrote and played
Made him the best of his generation
Sang to the end of the war
And not a moment more
Then it left him
The power bereft him
Left only one fate to see
Hanging on his sister's apple tree

Forgive my old buddy who soon forgot my name
I chose not to follow his seven years of fame
He took the high road, I take the low road
Sing second place but sing long
And have always one more song
Take your stars
And give me my scars
I'd rather live long and be free
So take his cup the hell away from me

Whoever has wisdom can guess what lies unsaid
The cost of the gift to the living and the dead
Still if you feel
You'll gain from the deal
You'll play with the old morning star
No need to travel far
Don't just count on Chickasaw mountain
If there's a deal meant for you
Any wild place on earth will do

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