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Reprobate's Resumé

This song is by Les Savy Fav and appears on the album Inches (2004).

"Blessed be the doctor
And blessed be the nurse
Blessed be the coachman
Who put me in the hearse
Blessed be the blessing
And blessed be the curse"
He goes to bed
Bereft and berated
And rests his head
In the hands of the overrated

Sweating bullets in the faculty lounge
Sensing treason, they're not waiting around
On the first bus out of town
They're playing movies that we've already seen
The jewelry advances as the gums recede
The devil goes out dancing
On the angels' perceived needs
Please go easy on me

Cheap sex with a discount broker
Cops' walkie-talkie squalks, "Breaker-breaker
We've got to take her down to the station
She says that that broker broke her"
Read the text at the ticker-tape parade
The subtext is that someone's getting paid off
Check the checks at the ticker-tape parade
Pay stubs of the people who've been laid off

Insurance can't cover what the world's exposed:
Open nerves, touching toes
To stretch
The A.C. made us retch
Can you conceive of working for the emperor's new clothes?
Please go easy on me

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