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Our Coastal Hymn

This song is by Les Savy Fav and appears on the album Inches (2004).

Rally up my friends
And stand by my bedside,
If I die tonight
Put my head inside a mason jar.
Put it in the ocean
And send it out to sea.
I'm wading because...
And when I hit some shore,
And when my seal is broke,
I'll split my eyes and lips asking,
"Is this a judgment or a joke?"

This is a chance to dissect it.
This is a chance to make it up.
These are the words we've selected.

Don't believe my lies
Of an afterlife spent drifting;
After 40 hours
I sank straight to the bottom
Of the harbor near my home
And there I lay alone,
The spider crab
Is finely clad
Beneath my cloak of brain and bone.

In the basement of the dress shop,
They play poker on the weekends.
Old men trading laces,
It's an absolute disgrace.
They never gave a tip
To the boy who ran the route.
They never gave a shit
What the paper was about,
But when they heard he died
They read the news that day
Just so they could see
What his obituary would say.
It said:
"Rally up my friends
And stand by my bedside!
Rally up my friends
And stay with me tonight!"

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