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No Sleeves

This song is by Les Savy Fav and appears on the album Inches (2004).

The singer of the band
Has been encased
In a circuit board formed
From arsenic and old lace.
The piano has been dropped.
A c-note hits the cop.
So he would turn away
While we're cleaning up the slop.
This is the bishop's finger.
This is the bishop's hand.
Onto Jesus' body
The people place demands.
They're pointing with their pistols,
While we're reaching for the sky.
The soundtrack of their lives
Is an eye for an eye...

Hail hail the talk show,
Cocked after cocktails.
I lied and I lied...
God save the techno!
The sequencers don't know
When it died, when it died...

Edison put the gun in our hands.
The black bear put
The muzzle to its muzzle.
The dogwood didn't care
But the maple was troubled.
Trademark, this is a trademark,
This move was trademarked in 1883.

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