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Bringing Us Down

This song is by Les Savy Fav and appears on the album Inches (2004).

You're bringing us down.
Hear the symphony in the 5-man band,
Try to sympathize but you can't understand.

Set my mind to intervalometer,
It moves so slow from desk to dresser,
Hits the ground without a sound,
It took 5 years just to get down.
Who put up the flag?
We haven't got a door
Yet if they storm the fort tonight,
Leave your pistol by your bed.
We have jeopardized our situation,
Disengage the ammunition,
We are on a mercy mission.

Take away the golden epaulettes
From the fallen dead cadets.
Let their rank stand as their epitaphs,
Throw their bodies in the acid bath.

Drop the C-code and go for the gusto,
The man at the plant swears the foreman must go.
If the chief says, "Fight!",
Let the chief go ahead.
The squaw and the scout will stay in bed.
If the chief says, "Jump!",
I say, "Not I."
If the chief says, "Jump!",
I say, "How high?"

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