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Phantom Patriot

This song is by Les Claypool and appears on the album Of Whales and Woe (2006).

The Phantom Patriot (Repeat)

Verse 1
Creeping ever creepy
Like a fox in the night
Turning wrongs into right
He boldly works alone
With a crossbow on his shoulder
And a saber at his side
His brand is guns and knives
His mask is white as bone.

The Phantom Patriot (Repeat)
He's come to save the day
The Phantom Patriot (Repeat)
He's come to save the day
Yes he's come to save the day. (So desperately the way)

Verse 2
Walking through the compound

With a formulated plan
?There'd had? been so a man
At this decisive point in time
The Bohemians at The Grove
Don't see it quite the same
Smelling danger in his game
They dub his quest a crime.

Verse 3
Searching for his query
Through the elite redwood maze
He's walked provisioned for forty? days and nights
He must remain alert
And though it's not intended
Our hero soon is apprehended
With "Phantom Patriot" in sharpie
Written boldly cross his shirt.

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