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Hard Hearted Papa

This song is by Leroy Carr and appears on the compilation album Leroy Carr Vol. 5 (1934) (1992).

I'm a hard‑hearted papa, there's nothing pleases me
I've had to be good long enough, now I'm going to be mean as I can be

I don't even like what I drink, my food don't taste right at all
And a lowdown no‑good woman, is the cause of it all

When I tried to be soft and easy, people would not let me be
Now I'm just as mean and hateful, swear as I can be

I spent all of my money, showing my friends a great big time
Now they laugh and grin at me, because I ain't got a lousy dime

So I'm a hard‑hearted papa, I've done changed my ways
And I think they will stay changed, for the rest of my days

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