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I'll Sail My Ship Alone

This song is by Leon Russell and appears on the album Hank Wilson's Back! (1973).

We've been sweethearts for so long
But now you say we're through
The love we shared is now a memory
I have built a ship of dreams
And planned them all for you
But now I guess what is to be, will be

I'll sail my ship alone
With all the dreams I own
Drifting out across the ocean blue
Yes, I'll sail my ship alone
Tho' all the sails you've torn
And when it starts to sinkin'
I'll blame you

Now, I gave a message to the wind
To take back home to you
Hoping you would hear my S-O-S
I thought that you would come back home
My darlin', if you knew
How much my achin' heart was in distress


Written by:

Henry Bernard (aka Henry Glover), Morry Burns (aka Moon Mullican), Henry Thurston Lois Mann (aka Sydney Nathan)

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