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This song is by Lennon and appears on the album 5:30 Saturday Morning (2001) and on the album Career Suicide (2003).

The feeling of coming to on one there
You rip off my clothes as you rip off my life
Destroyed my world in a matter of words
You left me waiting, you left me deciding.
You left me waiting x2
I hear a knock at the door
And I don't care who's not there anymore
This sound is driving me insane
And damn it nothing's going my way

We're at the point of talking about the morning
Trying to decide who's going to go
I think you forgot whose bed you slept in
And who's going home

I'm running through the forest by myself
I'm walking over oceans to you
Hey ma, I'm walking on water
And God, I think I'm your son


Don't stand there looking at me
Don't stand there looking through me
Just take your clothes and I'll open the door
Lookin around, you don't live here anymore

I don't know what I can do for you
I'm not sure what I can be for you
Over some table in someone else's kitchen
Someone's talking but no one want's to listen


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