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This song is by Lena Park and appears on the album Come To Where I Am (2007).

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Smile. Just smile for me,
'Cause we will never meet again.
You're dead to me.
So just smile
This one's on me

While I carefully look back
Can't help but see
The signs were there
How you never loved me
While I gave my love for free

I don't believe that time
Can heal most everything
I have the wounds to prove it
They still bleed
I cannot find my fight
I'm moving closer to the air
I'll swear that as I'll fall...

I'll smile...
Just smile... Just smile...
(If it's the last thing that I'm gonna do, it's what I'll do)
Just smile...
('Cause it's the strangest thing that I'll do)
Just smile... Just smile ...

I still awake in the night
And reach for you
You're not there
I can't decide if I'm glad
Or still trapped in my despair
Reach for the light
Reminding myself of all the things
I'll never forgive you
Never forgive you...

Your smile
And every single look you gave
It was killing me 'cause I knew you were buying time, your smile...
(It never made any sense at all, no sense at all)
Just smiled...
(And never made any sense at all)
Just smiled...

I must believe that time can heal most anything... Most anything...

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