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Your Imaginary Friend

This song is by Lemon Demon and appears on the album Dinosaurchestra (2006).

Simple and small.
Almost alone.
Curled up in a ball
With a tin can phone
Tied to a twist
Leading outside,
And into the mist
Where the shadows hide.

Maybe when you're gone, (Maybe when you're gone.)
We'll gladly take your place.
You're so nicely drawn. (You're so nicely drawn.)
We like your face, and
We want to be your imaginary friend.
Want to be your imaginary friend.

When you were young,
You knew us well.
The cat had your tongue,
So you could not yell.
When you were cross,
All you could do
Was call it a loss,
Though this was not true.

We've since disappeared.
That is, until tonight,
When you turn out the light,
And everything stands still.

The wind's direction shifts
And makes the curtains lift...
And you see us on the sill.

Every word that you've learned,
Every wish that you've burned,
Every single strand of hair in your head,
Every book that you've read:
We love you this much.

We want to be your imaginary friend.
Want to be your imaginary...


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