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Luv u 2

This song is by Leki and appears on the album Breakin' Out (2004).

VERSE 1 (Leki):
You was my ace, blazin'
We hit it right from the jumpstart
Hooked all day and night
Better than good
Had me all love stuck
Ready to act a fool
And give it all up
But now you got me all spazin' out
Every new day new things to nag about
Hey! The situation's distressing
All about the yab yab
And no parlé...
I don't wanna own you
I don't wanna cage you up
But if you keep on actin' fool
Nigga I'm a have to give you up
'Cause I need no bullshit
From the man that I choose to cruise with
If you're down show me that you're down
But if you can't be straight
Then I don't need you around!

Chorus: (BABYBANG) You know I love you baby
(LEKI) You know I luv u 2
(BABYBANG) So why you all up in my grill,
Shorty just let me move!

(LEKI) You know I luv you baby
(BABYBANG) You know I luv u 2
(LEKI) So why you do the things you do,
Shorty can I trust you?!

(BABYBANG) A-ight, Shorty
No need to get all physical
Just sit down and hear me out

You make me scream you make me shout
Six in the mornin' and the lights ain't out
All in my grill like where you been
Say that you can't smell that weed and gin
I ball like I'm above that rim
Up in the club just doin' my thing
Walk like a g'nd
Talk like a pimp
Waiteress better refill my drink
Give me a lap dance and work that Pole
Shorty get freaky 'cause my girl ain't home
I know you wanna get love get some bone
Don't be shy girl we all alone
This chick wanna play with toys
Call your girls ma
I call my boys
If you like it rough then make some noise
Hard or soft the choise is yours... still...

Take it off now (X4)
Get low now (X4)
Now stop!

(LEKI) Got my blood hot
Like I'm ready to kill
You's chillin' at the club
Got me go trough the mill
You make me ill
Think I don't see you lie
Flossin' man you smell like foul
(BABYBANG) Why you wildin' in my crib
Like your flowers the shit
Does it sprankle gold'n diamonds?
No! Get off my dick! Still...

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