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​We'd Be Happier Here

This song is by Legends of Rodeo and appears on the album South Atlantic Hymns (2000).

When I saw the Kansas skyline that night, I knew that my heart had moved from my chest out west to the Midwestern silence of quiet lives - where I can sleep at night. The east coast is constantly driving, and I am tired of being driven crazy by those electric city lights that never, never, never close their eyes. We said we'd be happy here.
So let's walk around when this town shuts down and the side streets and buildings are sleeping, and you and I are the dreams they won't believe during daylight - the light gets much too bright. And we know that the stars that shine on us now will be the same ones that burn out brightly as we are slow and sleeping tight - we're sleeping here tonight. We said we'd be happier here. I think we'd be happy here.
And outside, the stars' light, it burned a brilliant white. And everything that I saw that night came true. Well, I saw stars in your eyes that night that could burn the brightest light. And everything I saw that night came true.
I saw God that night. I saw God running.