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​The Flags

This song is by Legends of Rodeo and appears on the album South Atlantic Hymns (2000).

Don't pretend to be
Anything but an American boy
Who drives Japanese toys
Making noise with the boys on Saturday night
And down on the corner of Olive and Queens
We talk about things that we've never seen
Like the Sistine, and the heart of Spain, and God
And we all want to see God

So get into the car
And shut the door
These twenty-two years will be twenty-two more
And after that, we'll rest at last
But not now
No, now we'll keep driving till the sun goes down
And the sea explodes into the evening hours
And we'll sing that we've done something good
To the trumpets of Hollywood

Right now, we all want to see God
We all, we are

We will have the last laugh
As we step on the gas
And only heaven knows where we'll go
And only heaven knows what we don't