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​Standard Life

This song is by Legends of Rodeo and appears on the album A Thousand Friday Nights (2002).

For 23 years, I've looked down the long road / where the only things that I've known / are the things I've been shown / now I'm scared to know more / and I'm scared to stay / and the long road keeps calling me everyday

And the seasons keep changing / tides still come in / whether living or dying, there is world without end / whether in happiness or sorrow, I will say everything's fine / and if there's one thing for sure, this is no standard life

December again / it's my birthday with friends / and the friends keep on changing / it seems like a sin / but it's human nature to change in the heart / the only thing you can't change is the place that you start

The hint of new days hangs round / like the last few Fall leaves suspended above the ground / when winter comes rushing through / What will I do with myself? Where will I go? Will I change? Will I transcend who I am / Will I rebuild myself into a better man - a better man than me?

Sometimes I just want to be alone / sometimes I just want to be alone / tonight I just want to be alone