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Devil Started Rock And Roll

This song is by Legends of Rodeo and appears on the album A Thousand Friday Nights (2002).

In ninth grade I got my first guitar / in tenth grade I bought my first car and drove around / and played the music loud / that is when I bought pearl jam ten / and my life never was the same again / I drove around / and played the music loud.

On Friday nights we'd drive down to the lake / in this Buick LeSabre that didn't have brakes / we drove down / and played the music loud / without fail, the police would come / and it was fend for yourself and boys run, run, run / we rode out / and played the music loud

Now if you know anything about small towns / then you know itís not hard to track a Buick down / weíd get caught / cop said, ìTurn that radio down.

Then he said, "Now everybody knows that the devil started rock and roll" / so get down / oh get down

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