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Crazy Eight

This song is by Legends of Rodeo and appears on the album A Thousand Friday Nights (2002).

I was born on July the ninth, you were born on the eighth / and as a kid I can remember thinking I was born a day late / we were blond haired summer babies from the southern state / blood brothers burning rubber off our bicycle tires all day / looking at you then was like staring myself in the face / oh but time has a crazy plan - and they call it fate

At sixteen we both loved the prom queen her name was Jane / ended up in a fist fight in the middle of a summer rain / there was blood running down from your forehead, and you split my lip / and we fought until we fell down and laughed until our stomachs were sick / and we lay down in your front yard and stared up at the sky / we were a pair of heart breakers with a pair of black eyes

By 19 we were both part time dope fiends / but our weekend fun became your everyday routine / and when everyone started asking me why you weren't around / I was scared and you caught up in the wrong part of town

Oh we were young / and everything seemed fun / but time has a crazy plan and they call it fate.

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