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Baltimore Blues

This song is by Legends of Rodeo and appears on the album A Thousand Friday Nights (2002).

Baltimore, bring back your baby to this long, lonely shore / make her a lady / oh please let me see the queen of my dreams just once more / daylight fades and yet another summer day just goes whispering away / like the heat waves off the freeways / and these days I've been thinking would've been spent so much better by your side

Are the harbor lights bright where you are / do you dream southern shores, and of a lost, lonely boy / and of your feet in the sand and your hand in my hand just once more / some night soon, I'll lasso the moon / well James Stewart would too, so I'll so that for you / 'cause it's a wonderfully silent and sleepless night spent thinking of you

We both know not to say what we mean anymore / but baby I would do anything to be by your side / instead of all alone / millions of miles from home

And it's hard to be hopeful when you're hope is gone / and it's hard to be strong for so long / are you blue back in Baltimore or have you moved on to a brighter and sunnier day / and left me all alone, millions of miles from home

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