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American Love

This song is by Legends of Rodeo and appears on the album A Thousand Friday Nights (2002).

American kids drive American cars / making their way to American bars
American boys seek out American dreams / American girls in their tight blue jeans

Her daddy said to be home on time / we both planned to stay out all night / well when he found out later I never stood a chance / but I said bring it on / her daddy whipped my ass / I woke up laying in her front lawn / through swollen eyes I made sure that he was gone / we wasn't doing nothing except having some fun / a kiss or two never hurt anyone

Now there's a girl behind the counter at the gas station, boys / that makes my heart stop and start and jump for joy / she gave me her number and I gave her a call / and on Saturday night we're gonna have a ball / well it got to be the weekend and she wasn't around / me and the roses that I bought for her were feeling down / so I walked down to the corner store / this guy says "hey kid, she don't work here anymore"

This summer met a girl I think she might be the one / my momma keeps saying it's the summer sun

American love / I need that kind of love

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