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The Golden Bell

This song is by Legend and appears on the album Fröm The Fjörds (1979).

The sun it rises from the east
And begins to pound our heads
We ask the gods for guidance
For our lives may too soon end

The strongest men on all the earth
Are gathered here this day
The time has come to stroke the oars
First we bow our heads and pray

The waters that we sail upon,
We find, are treacherous
We lose a ship to Poseidon
And the men we thought were blessed

We can see the shores of this evil land
They are guarded by the sun
At the rocks the beast chimera
We must slay it and move on

We are bound by our lust and greed for adventure
To find the world's most precious treasure
We make our way to the lands unknown
We must be on our way

The prize for our lives is a golden bell
It might as well sit in the palace of hell
Oh all the stories time could tell
Of its size, of its sound, of the wealth it abounds
Of the men underground who tried to take it
The devil owns them now
The devil owns them now
They are under Hades crown

We cross the path of the oracle
Through the valley of liquid fire
This perilous land can't stop us
The bell is our desire

We can see the temple of the bell
It looks out across the sea
The cliffs are mighty stone walls
Pegasus was the key

There are but ten men left to share
We began one thousand strong
The golden bell is ours now
Among the gods we now belong

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