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From The Fjords

This song is by Legend and appears on the album Fröm The Fjörds (1979).

We sail across the ocean wide
With a heritage of pride
Our axes and our swords are set
With conquest on our minds
We come from a land where men are bold
Our voyage is now old
To vanquish all your cities and towns
Your women will be sold

Our ships are gliding through the night
Their shores are now in sight
The riches that they now possess
Will fall to Odin's might
Their villages are sleeping strong
We'll take them on at dawn
The gods are watching our attack
The battle rages on

Children screaming, mothers shrill
Their men they will be killed
They will become our life-long slaves
Because it is our will
We board our ships and move along
The burning cities fall
Battle, wenches and more gold
We know we'll have them all
This country has become our own
Our leader takes his throne
So be it, might Odin shouts
Our power will be known

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