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Against The Gods

This song is by Legend and appears on the album Fröm The Fjörds (1979).

I feel them coming now
The earth is shaking under thunderous chariot wheels
I feel them coming now
The sky grows black I am the sacrificial meal

I hear them coming now
The crushing of life a sound that I know so well
I hear them coming now
The cries of death from the darkened depths of hell

I have blasphemed the gods with vengeance
For they took my love's breath away
She held my life within her heart
I will fight until they pay

I see them coming now
The body mongers with their evil lizards in tow
I see them coming now
To take my flesh and send my soul far below

Attack me at your will
With help from your gods, the evil I now defy
Attempt to make your kill
Send your anger through the sky you know I will never die

I am the good that's found in all men
It's a power of victory
So take my life unto the wind
And my soul will challenge thee

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