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Security Check

This song is by Left Boy.

I Gotta catch this flight,
But I'm faded from drinking that goose.
I told my mom and my girl that I'd be there,
And the told me that they be there, too.

My flight's on time.
All right, fuck this time,
Imma cut his shit,
Like I cut that vine.

Ill I'm still,
Moving through the line
With Ninja Skill.

Make sure that I ain't got no pills.
What do you want man,
What's your deal.

Step back, pull your pants up
Spread your legs, like this
Put your hands up.

It's okay if you touch my dick
Cause this is the security check.

Homegirl, spread those cheeks
Till I can see what you ate last week.

I better not find some shit
Cause this is the security check.

I gotta find gate D nine
It looks like I'll be fine
Till I figured out that I queued in the wrong line

Fuck, so I gotta go back with the terminals packed
I'm about to have a panic attack

Put me in a wheelchair
Get me to the gate now
Because I need to be there
If I'm not in the air
In about T minus Fifteen
Imma have to go and hijack a machine

Look Mom, I'm all right
But I don't think Imma make it home tonight
They got me locked up tight
Sitting in a cell with two Arabic guys

No mom it's cool
A dude like me is always gonna get through
Rich, white, jew, I hit 'em with the hebrew
MazelTov to you!

Shoutout to Nexxus
Tell him the Lexus
Is up front when the publishing check comes
And he can go buy some shit
Cause this is the security check

'Bout to be a classic
Let me see that ass on the dance floor spastic
Step on the gas bitch and then park that shit
Cause this is a security check!

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