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This song is by Leech and appears on the album Tram-O-Gram (2007).

Come procreate with me
One and one make us three
Let's build a community
Embrace the fathers son

The line has been broken here
Cut down the tree supreme
Paralyze Monkeysphere
We're all just one mind dream
Flushed down civilizations of
Leaders, poets and dreamers
Am I revengeful

Can you know
What's been set into stone
Who is typing in darkness alone?
So, think you know
That all that glimmers is gold
Laughing out lout while turning around
Just for the sound

Randomly met somewhere
Will you become my friend
Sail onto seas unknown
Come one come all come none
Flushed down generations of
Thinkers, great men and sleepers
Am I revengeful

Paralyzed in the monkeysphere

Ocean flows on
Calling us
Crawl down home
And crawl out again

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