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Dark Horse

This song is by Leech and appears on the album Tram-O-Gram (2007).

Seven shields
Black strands wave in the wind
Over the bleak horizon
A new hope
F or those who afford to defend
Bitter end for the others
Ocean shores
Echoes that light up the dark
The sands blow to reveal the secrets
Planes that
Keep us safe from the rays
Cosmic bombardment from infinity

I lust oranges

Seven Seals
Swim around my tank
For thirteen days
It housed great white
The age of aquarium
Sets the sun
In the silence the dolphins will sing

I am
So distracted
By everything

After the dust clears
All washed away
Riding streams through galaxies

Swirls of matter
Form the stars
Fill the void with ancient scars

Sands of time
Once called home
Six full moons now shine upon

Which one of you
Don't have lust for oranges
Which one of you
Have seen the dark horse run
Groves await for the one
Who leads ands sets the day
I'm falling, falling down

Flashing light shines
Around the bend
Solar kid will
Play again

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