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The Outback Club (1992)Edit

Lee Kernaghan - The Outback Club
The Outback Club
  1. Boys From The Bush
  2. High Country
  3. She Waits By The Sliprails (The Bush Girl)
  4. Walkin' Out West
  5. Country Girls
  6. Country's Really Big These Days
  7. You're The Reason I Never Saw Jnr. Play
  8. Rejected
  9. Scots Of The Riverina
  10. You Don't Have To Go To Memphis
  11. Searchin' For Another You

Three Chain Road (1993)Edit

Lee Kernaghan - Three Chain Road
Three Chain Road
  1. The Outback Club
  2. Three Chain Road
  3. She's My Ute
  4. Dust On My Boots
  5. The Burning Heart
  6. 'Cause I'm Country
  7. Collingullie Station
  8. Leave Him In The Longyard
  9. Southern Son
  10. Back To The Shack
  11. Cobar Line
  12. Western Stars

1959 (1995)Edit

Lee Kernaghan - 1959
Disc 1
  1. Scrubbashin'
  2. Janine
  3. Shake on It
  4. Country Crowd
  5. Doctor
  6. Rachel's Bed
  7. Where Country Is
  8. Freedom Road
  9. Skinny Dippin'
  10. This Cowboy's Hat
  11. The Rope That Pulls the Wind
  12. 1959
Disc 2
  1. Working for the Man
  2. Young Years
  3. A Bushman Can't Survive
  4. The Days of Old Khancoban
  5. Boys From Bathurst
  6. Embers of the Fire
  7. Come Back Again
  8. Mary's Boy Child
  9. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  10. C'mon the Cowboys

Hat Town (1998)Edit

Hat Town
Hat Town
  1. Hat Town
  2. Bare Essentials
  3. Goondiwindi Moon
  4. A Few of Us Left
  5. When the Snow Falls on the Alice
  6. Changi Banjo
  7. Cowgirls Do
  8. Gettin' Gone
  9. Pass the Bottle 'Round
  10. The Western Beat
  11. Longreach
  12. Lonelyville

Electric Rodeo (2002)Edit

Lee Kernaghan - Electric Rodeo
Electric Rodeo
  1. The Way It Is
  2. Electic Rodeo
  3. Something In The Water
  4. An Ordinary Bloke
  5. Baptise The Ute
  6. Long Night
  7. You Rock My World
  8. A Handful Of Dust
  9. That Old Caravan
  10. Wild Side Of Life
  11. Sing You Back Home
  12. Texas Qld 4385
  13. The Odyssey

The New Bush (2006)Edit

The New Bush
The New Bush
  1. Where I Come From
  2. Listen To The Radio
  3. The New Bush
  4. Diamantina Dream
  5. Love Shack
  6. Western World
  7. I'll Remember You
  8. Livin' In Australia
  9. Little Men
  10. Like Angels
  11. On The Beach
  12. When Country Comes
  13. Close As A Whisper (The Gift)

Other songsEdit

  1. I'm From The Country
  2. Missin' Slim (With Colin Buchanan)

Additional information

Artist information:
  • b.1964
  • Occupation: songwriter, composer, musician, guitarist
Real name:

Lee Kernaghan is a performance name for Lee Raymond Kernaghan.

Years active:

1969 - present

Record labels:

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