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​Old Number Nine

This song is by Lee Clayton and appears on the album Border Affair (1978).

At nine hundred miles an hour
Running far behind
Please don't let me get careless
And to heaven before my time.

I wrote this song about my airplane
They called her the old widow maker
A 3 million dollar jet engine scream
8 miles high in 90 seconds flat
40 thousand pounds of gasoline

She once held the world speed record
Mach two made her kinda strange
She'd swap ends twice in a second
Then turn around and give you little change

There must have been at least a hundred gauges
Staring as the crew chief strapped you in
It took thirty minutes just set the
Knobs and dials
To get to where
You could go again

I never felt the moan of those engines
Stirring as she came to life
Without thinking that the whine of a turbine
Cut to my soul like a knife

I never said goodbye without thinking
About the odds of getting back again
Many a good pilot has gone and bought
The farm
Many a good woman has lost a friend

But they'd finally say "cleared for take off"
And I knew for sure I was really gonna fly
I'd go to afterburner and gears and flaps
And I'd pull her back and head for the sky

(Rpt Chorus)