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My True Love

This song is by Lee Clayton and appears on the album Border Affair (1978).

Well I came through the door just like the outlaw
That everybody thinks that I am
You know looking everybody right in the eyes
Acting like you don't give a damn
And she was playing beautiful sadness
At the old piano bar
And her clothes are just ordinary
But I knew that she was from a different star
She just sat there alone at the keyboard
Lost in musical reverie
And I couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous
I wanted her to be looking at me
Yeah, and I finally got her attention
In the middle of something by Bach
And the vibe that she gave me made me feel warm
Right down to the toes of my socks
Well I was sure the moment was cosmic
That old big wheel had turned at last
And that beautiful, beautiful woman playing the symphony
Was the one that I'd dreamed of in the past
But she just got up and went to a table
And sat down with two old men
And as I heard the hustle going down
Well I knew that I was wrong again

Well I was feeling restless and lonesome
As I went back to my burrito and my beer
And I thought about all those times my heart had skipped a beat
When I said to myself, "Well, she's here"
Cause you know your soul is just a big empty place
That can only be filled with love that's true
So my true love
Wherever you are
I'm still looking for you

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