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I Keep Forgetting

This song is by Lee Ann Womack and appears on the album Some Things I Know (1998).

If I see you on the street and start to cry
If it looks like I'm so lonesome I might die
If you can hear my heart just breaking right in two
Remind me once again who left who

I keep forgetting
That I don't need you now
It slips my mind
That I'm the one who said we were through
I just can't seem to remember
It was me who walked out the door
I keep forgetting
I don't love you anymore

If your phone should ring in the middle of the night
If missin' you's a feelin' I can no longer fight
If I beg you please just give me one more try
Remind me I'm the one who said goodbye


I keep forgetting
I don't love you anymore
Keep forgetting

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