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Custard Pie

This song is by Led Zeppelin and appears on the album Physical Graffiti (1975).

This song has been sampled by Beastie Boys in the song "Time To Get Ill".
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Custard Pie
Ooh yeah, drop down, baby
Let daddy see, yeah
Drop down my way
Miss treat for me
Well, my mama allow me
I fool 'round all night long
Well, I may look like I'm crazy
I sure know right from wrong

See me comin', throw your man outdoors
Ain't no stranger, done been this way before
See me comin', mama, a-throw your man outdoors
I ain't no stranger, I've been this way before

Put on your nightshirt and your mornin' gown
You know by night, I'm gonna shake 'em on down
Put on your nightshirt, mama, and your mornin' gown
Well, you know, by night I'm sure gonna shake 'em on down
Shake it, shake it

Ooh, your custard pie, yeah, sweet and nice
When you cut it, mama, save me a slice
Your custard pie, yeah
I declare it's sweet and nice
I like your custard pie
When you cut it, mama, mama, please save me a slice

Oh, I'll chew on a piece of your custard pie
I'll chew on a piece of your custard pie
I'll chew on a piece of your custard pie
I'll chew on a piece of your custard pie

Drop down, drop down, drop down, drop down
Drop down, yeah
Drop down, drop down

I'll chew on a piece of your custard pie



  • Lead guitar: Jimmy Page
  • Lead vocals, harmonica: Robert Plant
  • Bass guitar, clavinet: John Paul Jones
  • Drums, percussion: John Bonham

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