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This song is by Lectro Dub and appears on the Remix Album Equestrian Revolution III (2013) by Aviators.

All of the city
Turns to black
And fades away

Dreams of the crystal heart
Turn into nightmares as it breaks apart
Darkness has overtaken
An ancient evil has been awakened

They all expected me to save them
Who could have guessed I would have failed
After where we've been
Time and time again
We fall
We let them down and now we're captive just as well

Tried so hard, but in the end
Lost it all anyway
All of those who trusted us
Locked and caged
Can't get away

Who's to blame now
Who's to blame now
You're to blame now
You're to blame now
Who's to blame now
Who's to blame
It's you (I gave it all)
It's you (it's your fault now)
Failed to save us
Sombra slaved us
Darkness changed us
Hate deranged us
Who's to blame now
Who's to blame
It's you
It's you

She had a chance to save the lives of everyone
She held it in her hooves and now it's gone
Who designed the minds of kings to be so cruel
Who's anger could have made this hatred spawn

Might as well just give myself away
I'm not the one to save them
Trust in what I could have been
I will not let you down this time

Sombra's darkness crystalizing
Friendships made are now dividing
Hypnotizing, paralyzing
Harmony destablizing

Damn myself
And give away
What's left of me
A sacrifice to
Save the ones
I love so dearly
Hold me as the
End grows closer
Chained up to this
Crystal prison
Weighing on my
Last decision
Feed me to the
Entity of hate

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