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Real Talk (2004)Edit

Lecrae - Real Talk

Real Talk

  1. Souled Out
  2. We Don't (featuring R-Swift)
  3. Aliens (featuring Tedashii)
  4. Crossover
  5. Represent (featuring Tedashii)
  6. Real Talk (Interlude)
  7. Take Me As I Am
  8. Tha Church (featuring Sho Baraka)
  9. Nothin'
  10. The Line (featuring Tedashii)
  11. Who U Wit
  12. Heaven Or Hell
  13. Wait (Intro)
  14. Wait (featuring Steven Carter)
Bonus Tracks
  1. You're Faithful (To Me)
  2. Represent (Chopped And Screwed)

After The Music Stops (2006)Edit

Lecrae - After The Music Stops

After the Music Stops

  1. After The Music Stops
  2. Jesus Muzik (featuring Trip Lee)
  3. I Did It For You (featuring Diamone Lewis)
  4. The Truth
  5. Run
  6. Send Me
  7. It's Your World (featuring Redeemed Thought and Sho Baraka)
  8. Grateful (featuring J.R.)
  9. King Intro
  10. The King (featuring Flame)
  11. Invisible (featuring Diamone Lewis)
  12. Get Low
  13. Prayin For You
  14. Nobody (featuring Cam)
  15. Death Story
  16. Unashamed (featuring Tedashii)
  17. El Shaddai by Cam
  18. Jump

Rebel (2008)Edit

Lecrae - Rebel


  1. Rebel Intro
  2. Don't Waste Your Life (featuring Cam and Dwayne Tryumf)
  3. Go Hard (featuring Tedashii)
  4. Identity (featuring Da' T.R.U.T.H. and J.R.)
  5. Indwelling Sin
  6. Breathin' to Death
  7. Truth
  8. Desperate (featuring Cam)
  9. Change
  10. Fall Back (featuring Trip Lee)
  11. Live Free (featuring Sho Baraka and Jai)
  12. Got Paper
  13. I'm a Saint
  14. The Bride
  15. Beautiful Feet (featuring Dawntoya)

Rebel USB Bonus Material

Rehab (2010)Edit

Lecrae - Rehab


  1. Check In
  2. Killa
  3. Divine Intervention (featuring J.R.)
  4. Just Like You (featuring J. Paul)
  5. Gotta Know (featuring Benjah)
  6. Used to Do It Too (featuring KB)
  7. Children of the Light (featuring Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. and Dillavou)
  8. High (featuring Sho Baraka and Suzy Rock)
  9. New Shalom (featuring PRo)
  10. 40 Deep (featuring Tedashii and Trip Lee)
  11. Walking On Water
  12. God Is Enough (featuring Flame and Jai)
  13. Boasting (featuring Anthony Evans)
  14. Background (featuring C-Lite)
  15. New Reality (featuring Chinua Hawk)
  16. Release Date (featuring Chris Lee Cobbins)
  17. I Love You (featuring Chris Lee Cobbins)

Rehab: The Overdose (2011)Edit

Lecrae - Rehab The Overdose

Rehab: The Overdose

  1. Overdose
  2. More
  3. Battle Song (featuring Suzy Rock)
  4. Anger Management (featuring Thi'sl)
  5. Blow Your High (featuring Canon)
  6. Strung Out
  7. Chase That (Intro)
  8. Chase That (Ambition)
  9. The Good Life (featuring J. Paul)
  10. Like That
  11. Going in (featuring Swoope)
Bonus Tracks on Deluxe Edition
  1. Hallelujah
  2. Wish It Wasn't True
  3. Finally Free (featuring J. Paul)
  4. Hope (featuring Coffee)
  5. Jesus Muzik (Dubstep Remix)

Gravity (2012)Edit

Lecrae - Gravity


  1. The Drop (Intro)
  2. Gravity (featuring J.R.)
  3. Walk With Me (featuring Novel)
  4. Free from It All (featuring Mathai)
  5. Falling Down (featuring Swoope and Trip Lee)
  6. Fakin' (featuring Thi'sl)
  7. Violence
  8. Mayday (featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Ashthon Jones)
  9. Confe$$ions
  10. Buttons
  11. Power Trip (featuring PRo, Sho Baraka and Andy Mineo)
  12. Lord Have Mercy (featuring Tedashii)
  13. I Know
  14. Tell the World (featuring Mali Music)
  15. Lucky Ones (featuring Rudy Currence)
    Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
  16. No Regrets (featuring Suzy Rock)
  17. Higher (featuring Tenth Avenue North)
  18. Fuego (featuring KB and Suzy Rock)
    Best Buy Edition Bonus Tracks:
  1. Misconception (DJ Official Remix) (featuring Beautiful Eulogy, Propaganda and DJ Efechto)
  2. I Know (Tha Kracken Remix)

Church Clothes (2012)Edit

  • Mixtape
Lecrae - Church Clothes

Church Clothes

  1. Co-Sign
  2. APB (featuring Thi'sl)
  3. Church Clothes
  4. Cold World (featuring Tasha Catour)
  5. Welcome to H-Town (featuring Tedashii and Dre Murray)
  6. Inspiration
  7. Rise
  8. Darkest Hour (featuring No Malice)
  9. Black Rose
  10. The Price of Life (featuring Andy Mineo and Co. Campbell)
  11. Special (featuring Lester "L2" Shaw)
  12. No Regrets (featuring Suzy Rock)
  13. Gimme a Second
  14. Long Time Coming (featuring Swoope)
  15. Misconception (featuring Propaganda, Braille and Odd Thomas)
  16. Spazz
  17. Sacrifice
  18. Rejects (featuring Christon Gray)

Church Clothes Vol. 2 (2013)Edit

  • Mixtape
Lecrae - Church Clothes Vol. 2

Church Clothes Vol. 2

  1. Co-Sign Pt. 2
  2. Believe
  3. Devil in Disguise (featuring Kevin Ross)
  4. The Fever (featuring Andy Mineo and Papa San)
  5. I'm Turnt
  6. Let It Whip (featuring Paul Wall)
  7. Sell Out
  8. Lost My Way (featuring King Mez and Daniel Daley)
  9. Misconception Pt. 2 (featuring W.L.A.K.)
  10. Round of Applause (featuring B.o.B)
  11. Was It Worth It (featuring Derek Minor and Crystal Nicole)
  12. Bun B Speaks
  13. Finer Things (featuring Tedashii)
  14. Hands Up (featuring Propaganda)
  15. My Whole Life Changed
  16. If I Die Tonight (featuring Novel)
  17. Hang On

Anomaly (2014)Edit

Lecrae - Anomaly


  1. Outsiders
  2. Welcome to America
  3. Say I Won't (featuring Andy Mineo)
  4. Nuthin
  5. Fear
  6. Anomaly
  7. Timepiece
  8. Dirty Water
  9. Wish
  10. Runners
  11. All I Need is You
  12. Give In (featuring Crystal Nicole)
  13. Good, Bad, Ugly
  14. Broken (featuring Kari Jobe)
  15. Messengers (featuring For KING & COUNTRY)

Church Clothes 3 (2016)Edit

Lecrae - Church Clothes 3

Church Clothes 3

  1. Freedom (featuring N'Dambi)
  2. Gangland (featuring Propaganda)
  3. Deja Vu
  4. Sidelines
  5. Cruising
  6. It Is What It Is
  7. Can't Do You (featuring E-40)
  8. Forever
  9. Misconceptions 3 (featuring Jackie Hill Perry, John Givez and JGivens)
  10. I Wouldn't Know (featuring KB)

All Things Work Together (2017)Edit

Lecrae - All Things Work Together

All Things Work Together

  1. Always Knew
  2. Facts
  3. Broke
  4. Blessings (featuring Ty Dolla $ign)
  5. Whatchu Mean (featuring Aha Gazelle)
  6. Hammer Time (featuring 1k Phew)
  7. Come And Get Me
  8. Lucked Up (featuring Nija)
  9. Wish You The Best (featuring Verse Simmonds)
  10. Can't Stop Me Now (Destination)
  11. I'll Find You (featuring Tori Kelly)
  12. 8:28
  13. Cry For You (featuring Taylor Hill)
  14. Worth It (featuring Jawan Harris and Kierra Sheard)

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  1. Shadows by David Crowder Band

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