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Angel And The Ghost

This song is by Leaves' Eyes and appears on the album Symphonies of the Night (2013).

I looked for love and then I found disgrace
My life dissolved into an empty shade
As dead as stones ine the moundering wall
His heart was a silent grave
My throat in tunes so sadly expressed
What grieves my chest so painfully oppressed
For your misery I will not sacrifice
My holy virgin pride

Ring out the bell let my mourning echo through the walls
My heart sleeps so lonely
My ghost will seek you at night

Calm was the day though I was trembling hard
Calling me to explain to him at court yard
Then I refused to marry him at once
For his heart was sick with hate

The duke screaming insanely at the court
Have her beaded for she denied the lord
Her execution a blind man's deed
Beheaded her for her faith

I have not sinned nor am I insane
Yet you will have me beheaded for believing in the good and honest
My cause not defended
You caused my death
You stabbed my soul and took away the bare earth under my feet
From here you will be the one to slowly decay night by night
When you see my sad guiltless ghost walking upon you
I will carry my head and leave it before your feet

My ghost will seek you at night
My angel will seek you at night
My ghost will seek you at night
My angel will seek you tonight

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