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Four Day Worry Blues

This song is by Lead Belly and appears on the album The Library of Congress Recordings: Leadbelly - the Titanic, Vol. 4 (1994).

Daddy you on my mind
I ain't got but little business (1), Daddy when I am cryin'
Yes I would not been here had it not been for you
Said I would not been here had it not been for you
Treat me low down and dirty, Daddy that's the way you do

Pretty papa
Pretty papa
Yes I ain't gonna be your low down dog no more
Been your dog, every since I entered your door

Spoken: That was a song, Ena was in the kitchen
She was cookin' my breakfast and I'd been out all night long
And I was so ashamed of myself to hear her standin' in there cryin'
And when she began to cry I'd get up and go and pat her on the shoulder
And here're the words she said:

"Now I'm goin' away to wear you off my mind
I've got the blues Lord, I just can't keep from cryin'
I've got another pretty papa to ease me and to keep me from cryin'"

Spoken: I couldn't stand to hear that, say that word 'bout you had another pretty papa
I had to get up and go in the kitchen and see what is the matter with her
She commenced to cryin' again:

"Daddy what a low down feelin'
Daddy what a low down feelin'"
Been my daily occupation, takin' the monkey mens' women

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