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Why Do I Worry?

This song is by Lay Low and appears on the album Farewell Good Night's Sleep (2008).

Constantly reminding me
Of what I should be
Life falls into place
Terrified of what I'll find
This can't be right
Dreading every step I take
My mother with her precious smile
Looks at me with the tender eye
I have known all these years
And she says don't worry darling
If you are falling
Get up and start again
Now I realize
Time can be kind
To those who know where to go
Oh how I have tried
With a worried mind
Can't find my way home
My father with his troubled past
Still strong he stands
He knows the hardship of this world
He says don't worry baby
I know what I say dear
If you're feeling lost just look at me
As strong as the mountains high
As soft as a silent sigh
Deep down in my soul
Saying why do you worry
Wait and you'll see
This is the way it should be

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