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The Reason Why My Heart's in Misery

This song is by Lay Low and appears on the album Farewell Good Night's Sleep (2008).

African Boy
Music, music on my mindVans on my feet so you know I'm on my grindNikkas, real nikkas, by my sideBad boys for life we ride we ride or dieShow no emotion to these muh fukasRaw, everyday all day so we don't cryNew niggas try to get with the crewThey feel the vibe my dick ain't bus so you can't ride all rightI know it looks like we living the lifeBut this is Africa boy we livin' a lieLook at me African American accentCuz the culture in my city is absentSo my dream is based on jay-z's experience of lifeMoney is what I pray on my family is who I lay onMomma gave my crayons so since a kid I'm drawing mansionsWe envy the rich and never be richenvy sick rappers and never be sickThat's our destiny but I'm going against the oddsI can see a bright in between the fogsI can see every princess kissing the frogsI can see all my nikkas names on these blogsAfrican boysBut people look at us and make noise like
He's running, he's crying, he's scared,
African Boy
Save this African boy 2 (Bala de Prata)
Code of conducts you see him with a tie on
He is trying to follow ethics but hidden is the lion
His Ambition is alive he believes he is going to die young
Sleeps nights, wrinkled face can't be ironed
He has been going after money he ignores the sunset
His mom can't remember the last time her son sat
And the day he is going to get it he is never going to come back
Small hustlers ambition he has been there done that
He wants to be that rapper, married to an actress
Tools on his jeans the microphone is an asset
Whatever he has seen he is going to have access
He is on big dreams so he bought a bigger mattress
Citizen of the world yeah, he has been trying to Immigrate
He ain't never seen afraid, he says, so
Fuck the world boy I am just about to penetrate.

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