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I Remember

This song is by Lay Low and appears on the album Talking About the Weather (2015).

I remember when I was told to take care of my possessions
To keep them close to never ever let them go
But surely enough I managed to misplace my fortune
Did I give it away with my first kiss?
Or was it maybe stolen in front of me?

I remember when I was told to be on my best behaviour
To sit still and calm down and in my faults
I was a kid with a lot of opinions
But now I can't seem to find them anywhere
And I guess I must've lost them somewhere

I remember when I was told that someday I'd get older
Memories would fade away and take a part of me
With no surprise I am fading away
But I'll not let go of things that I hold dear
And I hope I won't forget to hold them near
When the darkest night whispers in my ear

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