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Lawrence Arabia (2006)Edit

Lawrence Arabia - Lawrence Arabia
Lawrence Arabia
  1. The Mystery Lair
  2. Thistle Tends to Stingle
  3. Emperor Penguin Colony
  4. Half the Right Size
  5. Talk About Good Times
  6. Bloody Shins
  7. The Joke Is in Your Hand
  8. Hold Us Together with Sutures
  9. Business Planning
  10. Everyone's Had Dinner with Rabbit
  11. The Kinds of Feelings That Happen on Summer Beaches
  12. The Thinnest Air
  13. I Hope the Pope Makes You a Saint

Chant Darling (2009)Edit

Lawrence Arabia - Chant Darling
Chant Darling
  1. Like a Fool
  2. The Undesirables
  3. Apple Pie Bed
  4. Auckland CBD Part Two
  5. The Beautiful Young Crew
  6. Eye A
  7. The Crew of the Commodore
  8. Fine Old Friends
  9. I've Smoked Too Much
  10. Dream Teacher

The Sparrow (2012)Edit

  1. Travelling Shoes
  2. Lick Your Wounds
  3. The Listening Times
  4. Bicycle Riding
  5. The 03
  6. Early Kneecappings
  7. The Bisexual
  8. Dessau Rag
  9. Legends
  10. Perfect Specimens

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Real name:

Lawrence Arabia is a performance name for James Milne.

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