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Smoke From A Bridge You Burned

This song is by Laura Bryna.

We had a fire so bright, could light up the darkest night
Never was love so right as it was then
But all of that's over now 'cause your flames burned out somehow
You came here to let me down with just a few words
And turned the light of your life into smoke from a bridge you burned

Have you really thought this through?
If you let go I will too
That all of the love I thought we knew will never return
Oh, it will drift off to nothing, smoke from a bridge you burned

Then someday when it's too late you'll realize
It's more than my memory stinging your eyes
And you'll run back to tell me the lessons you've learned
But you'll only find ashes and smoke from a bridge you burned

You know once you close that door it won't open anymore
So turn around now if you're ever going to turn
'Cause the moment you leave
You'll be turning me into smoke from a bridge you burned


Written by:

Donald R Ewing; Donny Kees

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